Friday, May 4, 2012

FAQ About Scooters at Walt Disney World Resort

scooters at walt disney world
The largest family resort in the world would not be much fun if someone had to stay at the hotel because they had difficultly walking. Disney World was created to meet the needs of all guests, especially those who need a wheelchair or scooter to explore the parks. 

Common Questions about renting scooters, also known as Electric Convenience Vehicles, or ECV.

Q: Where do I rent a scooter at Walt Disney World?
A: A limited number of scooters are available at the park entrance. It's first come, first serve. There are also rental companies in the Orlando area. Outside vendors allow guests to make reservations for scooters and offer free delivery and pick up from most hotels. 

Q: What does it cost to rent a scooter at Walt Disney World?
A: $50.00 USD per day plus a $20.00 USD refundable security deposit for ECVs at Theme Parks. Outside venders are usually about $20 - $30 per day. 

Q: Can I park hop with the scooter?
A: If you rent directly from Disney, you'll need to leave the scooter at the park exit. You'll receive a voucher that you can present at the next park so you won't be charged the rental fee again. If you rent from an outside vendor, you can board Walt Disney World transportation, or you can fold up the scooter and drive over to your next park. Most scooters are designed to fit in the trunk of a mid-size car.

Q: Can I rent a scooter at a Disney World hotel?
A: If you are renting from Disney, no, you must rent scooters at the theme parks. If you rent from an outside vendor, yes, it will be delivered to your hotel and you can take it on Disney transportation including monorails, buses, and most watercraft. Disney offers complimentary wheelchairs at each hotel for getting to and from your room. 

Q: I rented a scooter from an outside company, what happens if it breaks down? 
A: If you rent from a reputable company, they often have spares on site or in the area.  

Q: Can scooters go on the attractions? 
A: Some attractions require you to transfer from the scooter into the ride vehicle, some require you to transfer into a wheelchair to board and are provided right there at the attraction. Cast Members are always on hand if you have a question or need help, when in doubt, ask.

A Disney travel agent can be a very helpful resource in coordinating your scooter rental and even offer touring tips. Magical Vacations Travel partners with Walker Mobility, an Orlando based scooter rental company. For more information, contact Darren Wittko at Magical Vacations Travel. 

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